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Buddies for life


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WHAT: Bosom Buddies Celebration of Life Dinner

WHERE: Canberra Southern Cross Club

WHEN: Monday, October 28


WHEN was the last time you danced with not a care in the world? Not just around the house but with exuberance and total abandon in front of a room full of people loving every minute of your celebration? At the Bosom Buddies annual Celebration of Life Dinner at the CSCC, Sally Saunders and Gillian Horton stole the limelight from singer, pianist and accordionist Joey Fimmano as they did just that.

It even led to a jolly attempt at a Zorba dance around the tables with plenty of napkin-waving. Bosom Buddies is an organisation unique to Canberra and fills a gaping hole in the network of support for women with breast cancer. It started with a group of friends supporting another friend - something we know women do well.

The work they do is voluntary and personalised because most have had breast cancer, and includes a range of activities from hand-holding, providing the tissues, listening, reassuring and laughing. There are also workshops, they stay in touch and provide essential post-operative care bags.

Patron Annette Ellis was the MC for the evening and said the first group she contacted when diagnosed with breast cancer was Bosom Buddies and encouraged all guests to support this organisation. They need a major sponsor to continue this essential service. On this occasion the power of positivity from the 2013 ACT Local Hero in the Australia Day Awards, Francis Owusu, was inspiring.

His story and the creation of Kulture Break began with the local Rock Eisteddford where he participated with the St Edmunds group and years later has led to Kulture Break's mission: ''To influence a culture and empower a generation.'' Timomatic (Tim Omaji) is one of Owusu's stars who joined Kulture Break at 15 and he is now living his dream. We can all dance for that.
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