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X Factor recap: Jedi Joelle saves Foo

X Factor final 8 recap

<i>The X Factor</i>

Joelle rocked a big neck decoration on The X Factor

"What is this?" was Foo's response on Tuesday night's X Factor as he realised it was Jiordan versus Joelle in the bottom two.

To paraphrase Hemingway, never ask what this is Foo, this is the result of your mentoring.

As the judges have bickered (or possibly faux-bickered) over the last few weeks, the show has become more about them than their charges.

<i>The X Factor</i>

Judges divided: Ronan Keating out of synch with his colleagues on The X Factor

This week Foo seemed to discover Cold Chisel and since last night he will have been informed more than a few times how to pronounce Imbruglia (that's a silent 'g' Foo) which has the Australian audiences in a tizz, but ultimately while Foo has been a great on-screen personality this year, has he really given his contestants the best shot?


Last night, as the continental drift paced Luke Jacobz had Nat screaming with joy as JTR were saved and Omar close to an emotional collapse as he was saved from the sing-off, Foo learned another popular Australian word: gobsmacked.

His "girls" were left to sing it out.

<i>The X Factor</i>

JTR turn the pyro up to 11 on The X Factor

Joelle - A Thousand Miles, Vanessa Carlton

The audience give Joelle a huge cheer for coming on stage. There's a sense of pity as though she's been a bottom dweller all series, she was good last night.

The angst of this song and its tone match Joelle's voice and style but she looks a bit defeated.

<i>The X Factor</i>

Punk fairy Jiordan on The X Factor

"I don't want to let this go" sings Joelle and this feels like a goodbye.

She puts all she's got in to the last chorus.

Rating: 7/10 - A huge sadness pervaded that song

Jiordan - Torn, Natalie Imbruglia

Foo says she's been under the weather lately in the introduction and perhaps it has affected her.

Jiordan comes out and is attempting to recreate Imbruglia's hit in like-for-like fashion, she is also doing just a little bit of body language which is hugely reminiscent of the famous YouTube clip.

Her singing is a bit pitchy, then a lot pitchy. Jiordan also seems a bit defeated, but where Joelle put the emotion into her performance in tone, Jiordan is pushing her voice off key.

Rating: 5/10 - Not really a spot saving song

Ronan: Feeling for Foo, Ronan says we finally saw the best of Joelle on Sunday and that she sang well tonight but isn't sure. If it's taken five weeks to get this far, will it get any better? He feels Jiordan's been great all along but has had a bad week, including a poor "over-cooked" performance tonight. Based on his gut he votes to send home Joelle.

Nat: They've both got great voices and that they've both given good and bad performances. Joelle has finally fired up and Nat loves her "recording voice." She loves Jiordan's stage presence but Nat didn't love tonight's song either. She says she's choosing between someone who has been good but "crashed and burned" and someone who has fired up now. She chooses to send home Joelle.

Dannii: Luke explains the situation to Dannii - the fact that Foo would have to choose if she voted for Jiordan. Dannii says she feels sorry for Foo because he cares so much. Joelle seems to mouth the words "vote for me" as she tries to protect her mentor, which seems the wrong way around really. Dannii says she's looking at the whole package - charts, social media, performances - not just the songs. "Be prepared to make mistakes" is Dannii's advice to the girls regardless of who leaves, before she votes to send home Joelle.

Joelle nods with a grim satisfaction of having used her Jedi mind trick to influence Dannii's vote.


You won't like them when they're angry Ronan.

The X Factor judges have had a week to stew over Ronan Keating's accusations last Monday that they weren't doing their jobs properly and on Sunday night they commented on it, joked about it, mocked him for it and ultimately took great delight in suggesting that he had mismanaged one of his contestants.

The graphics suggested the Twitter hashtag "#GlovesOff" as Dannii took Ronan to task for his work with Omar Dean and Keating was left to meekly accept it all.

The judges were also happy to heap criticism on the show's theme for the evening - rock music - as the contestants struggled to change their style.

The Show

Tonight on The X Factor Luke Jacobz asks if we're ready to rock and whether we are or not, we aren't ready for his new belief that he is Australia's answer to David Letterman.

Hold tight Australia, this is going to hurt.

It's "Rock week"

Nat tells us she's chosen big songs, Dannii says Dami is ready, Foo tells us Ellie has taken her exit well and Ronan looks sheepish for having told the other judges how to do their job last week.

Dami - Best of You, Foo Fighters

Dami notes that her signature lipstick-on-the-teeth look is not her favourite thing and the entirety of X Factor notes that rock isn't exactly her signature style.

She opens the show standing within a metal scaffolding cylinder suspended above the stage, wearing a body coloured shimmer suit with a gold tinsel dress. It's like The Great Gatsby does Foo Fighters here.

And she rocks it.

She gives us a very Dami version of the song and honestly Dave Grohl would be happy with this. It's definitely rock and she's giving the sort of rock screams on the top notes where you expect to see her epiglottis fly across the room.

It. Rocks.

Rating: 9/10 It's all down hill from here

The room stands and screams, the room sits and screams some more. "That's rock and roll baby" says Foo who loved the raspy quality in her voice. Ronan says its an honour to work with Dami and gives Dannii kudos for her work. Nat notes Dami gets a standing ovation every week and Dannii just loves working with Dami because she pulls off things that on paper shouldn't work. "You are one special girl, thank you so much."

"I don't sing rock" admits Dami to Luke. The crowd disagree.

THIRD D3GREE - By The Way, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

The group are aware that last week was the first time they did a "song" and that there was room for improvement. I'm glad we're now redefining basic words. I assume their other numbers have been performance art.

Jordan stars things off with a very hesitant version of the quiet opening lines, as the trio also being standing within a metal cylinder of scaffolding.

Then it goes nuts. Red flag bearing dancers charge the stage while every screen in the room gets the insane flying star treatment.

It's very, very busy and for a long time the staging is bigger than the song.

Jordan's pitching is all over the shop but the two girls are excellent with Kelebek focusing on rapping and Jacinta focused on singing and she has the pitching nailed down, which is how you can tell her apart from Jordan.

Rating: 7/10 Two out of three ain't a functioning trio

Nat is screaming and standing and generally trying to pretend that she is all four judges as the other three aren't doing either. Dannii says that was her favourite song from these guys as they each played to their strengths. Foo concurs that it was magic saying "you got back on the Third Degree track." Ronan was worried about Jordan's opening singing but says he shone tonight while he believes the trio have a shot at the competition. Nat admits she was nervous but is now somewhat hysterical in her screeching praise of the group.

Joelle - Joey, Concrete Blonde

Foo says they've stripped Joelle back after what "Mr Crankypants" said last week.

Joelle looks blank when Foo says Concrete Blonde which would be surprising if she didn't always look blank when Foo tells her his song choice.

Foo tells Joelle that Ronan is a "singer/songwriter type" which apparently means she needs to cry a bit. Basically Foo thinks Ronan is a sissy boy.

Joelle is standing alone on a darkened stage with a stand mic, in a simple black dress with a necklace that appears to be made of the chains people use to attach their velcro wallet to their jorts

She starts simply and, well, stripped back. She nails the notes and has a lot of emotion in this. Call me a singer/songwriter type but this is a lot better. She's connecting, she's emoting, she's singing and she's showing off all of her skills.

Rating: 8/10 - Ronan can't be angry any more

Ronan kicks things off and says "I think tough love works with you because that was bloody good." Nat thinks this is the best she's done and likes the fight she sees in Joelle. Dannii commends Foo for letting us hear the good vocals this week while Foo loves the "cry" in Joelle's voice.

"That was sick" says Joelle. "I'm so happy that Ronan liked it" laughs Foo "that was the whole thing."

Omar Dean - Any Way You Want It, Journey

Omar is dressed in a blue leather jacket that has been attacked by someone with a bedazzling fetish.

He's alone in the middle of the stage but it's well lit and we see the band surrounding him and he works the room well. Definitely not dwarfed by the staging any more.

He's giving a very traditional version of the song but making it work. Joined on stage by the trademark rock guitarist with the trademark pyrotechnics firing off the end he is rocking this puppy.

At song's end he adds a bit of falsetto flare which is slightly off but he owns it.

Rating: 7/10 - Falsetto might have been a false note

Nat didn't like it. Dannii doesn't like the song itself but did like this performance until the falsetto and then she turns on Ronan. "Come on!" she says to him. "I don't think you're doing a great job for him if you can allow him go out and [do that]" she says which prompts Ronan to admit Omar didn't do that in rehearsal. The producers try to egg that pudding a little more by suggesting the Twitter hashtag #GlovesOff. Subtle kids. Foo didn't think Omar committed to the rock'n'roll aspect of the song 100 per cent. "Everybody's going to have a bad week" says Ronan "this is your bad week."

"I know I didn't do my best" admits Omar who promises to smash it next week if he's still here.

Jiordan Tolli - Dancing with Myself, Billy Idol

We learn Jiordan was seen by the paramedic two hours before performing last week as she had heart palpitations but she performed "then took care of it later." It's not clear what "it" was or what she did, but I'm presuming she now has a bionic heart.

Jiordan's wearing a pink tutu, doc martins and a slate grey vest, which seems to work in a barbie punk kind of way.

A simple staging sees her strutting her stuff. Foo has a mic so he can contribute a 1-2-3-4 at a crucial moment.

This is really not much of a song selection she's more speaking tonally than singing and this isn't really highlighting any great qualities, although she isn't doing much wrong.

Rating: 6/10 A dud song choice done no favours

Ronan didn't love it but admires her for having fun, which is a pat on the head for trying really. "That just didn't work for me" he says before Nat simply says rock "doesn't really fit any of you but it really exposed you in particular." She didn't like the song choice, saying it was screechy. Dannii takes rock week's name in vein before complimenting Jiordan's "naughty fairy" look. She likes her energy but feels the song was out of her league and alludes to the recovery time for her health issues because a bionic heart isn't something you get over overnight. Foo is proud of Jiordan but essentially commends her for trying as well.

"I had fun and it's all about having fun especially when it's not your genre" says Jiordan who hopes you vote for her.

Jai Wakefield - Drops of Jupiter, Train

Jai apparently also had a tough week going into the last show but is glad it went well, which as far as news goes, isn't.

Ronan admits that rock and Jai don't go together at all but is confident in his song choice.

Jai starts sitting on stage on a speaker stack and he's wearing a royal blue jacket and frankly this feels very, very Young Talent Time.

He sounds very young. It's far too pure for his own good. It even feels like the band has been dialled back in order to try and make him sound stronger but it hasn't worked.

The whole song feels washed out.

Once Jai starts touching hands with the audience he finds his confidence and it improves, but this is a very limp rock song.

Rating: 6/10 - Jai just ain't a rocker

The audience are screaming a lot. Nat says Jai is adorable and enjoyed the performance but doesn't like the wardrobe. Ronan and Nat bicker about what is cool in fashion. Dannii felt that was a great performance of one of her favourite songs. Foo loves the blue blazer and says "vocally you are kicking booty". Ronan is proud of Jai for growing up on television and getting better with every performance.

JTR - Thanks for the Memories, Fall Out Boy

The brothers were heart-broken to be in the bottom two again last week and they don't like the fact that they haven't connected with Australia yet.

In the video, Nat makes it all about her and tells us she rocked out with the Rogue Traders. Australia giggles a bit at the new definition of rock.

The boys are pushed out on a platform and they rock the house from opening to close.

They move forward to stand at the front of the stage which then explodes in fireworks with sparks spinning and flying everywhere.

Most impressively they finally stop sounding like a boy band. They just sound like a band, which is a whole lot cooler and in this instance sounds better too.

Rating: 8/10 - A bit of edge goes a long way

The house goes nuts. The screaming continues for an age. The judges are left split on gender grounds - the girls on their feet, the boys remain seated. Then a "J-T-R" chant goes up. Dannii rates it, or possibly them "three jalapeño peppers." Foo has mixed feelings: "I'm not a girl" he informs us. "There was so much pyro I thought a gas station had blown up. It was good but I still think you guys are holding back energy." Ronan agrees they needed to give more energy but Nat "heavens to mergatroid" loved it.

Taylor Henderson - Choir Girl, Cold Chisel

Taylor explains last week's gaffe where he sang the same line twice because he was out of time with the band but he and Ronan move on.

They've decided to slow the start of the song down and they do so to a single acoustic guitar and it works really well.

Once it gets to the second verse the band kicks in and its the more traditional Chisel song we all know and Taylor starts wandering out to the audience. He's oozing confidence and looks very comfortable on stage.

Rating: 8/10 - A great Chisel cover

All four judges stand and the crowd scream with appreciation. Nat commends Taylor for his work with the band and his transformation from week one. Dannii says she doesn't know who this Taylor is (but she likes it). Foo can't talk because the girls are screaming over him, but when he finally starts he says it was Taylor's best vocals and it makes him want to look into Chisel. He also wants to look into Taylor's eyes so wishes he opened them more. "It's really hard to connect with a bro when his eyes are clo" he quips. Ronan is proud to end the show with a standing ovation.


Jai will be relying on his cute looks to get him through as on the performances you'd say it will be he and Jiordan in the bottom two tomorrow, if not the judges might have talked Omar into a bottom spot.

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